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Welcome to my Kentucky Derby page. I am a big fan of the "Run for the Roses" and have watched it on television all my life. In 2001, 2002 and 2003 I had the privilege of seeing the Derby in person.

I should mention that I am in no way affiliated with Churchill Downs, the thoroughbred industry, or any racing organization. I am a Kentucky native who just happens to know an extensive amount of Derby lore. I hope what I know may be of some interest to those who bet on the Derby, those who are traveling to Louisville to see the Derby, or those who just wonder what all the fuss is about.

Shelley's Kentucky Derby Page has been online since 1999.


Barbaro, the winner of the 2006 Kentucky Derby.
Photo by Deborah Tracy-Kral. Used with permission.

What's New

last updated 5-1-09

Updated the contenders, theories and rankings pages following the post position draw.  Added a page with the contemporary lyrics to "My Old Kentucky Home."



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2009 Derby Contenders
(updated 5-1-09)

Derby and Triple Crown History

Kentucky Derby Information Table
(updated 2-7-09)

Current Homes of Past Derby Winners
(updated 4-2-09)

Pictures of Kentucky Derby Winners
(updated 1-20-07)

Theories On Picking The Kentucky Derby Winner
(updated 5-1-09)

How I Rank the Contenders
(updated 4-29-09)

"My Old Kentucky Home" lyrics 

My Favorite Links
(updated 2-26-09)

What To Know Before You Go
(updated 4-16-09)

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